Product theme: LED Lighting Product competition
gLandscape lighting, gentle to humanh
Materials for landscape designs are soil, water, green, flowers, benches, bridges, pergola, etc. How can we lighten these materials gently and beautifully?
Traditional exterior lightings are spotlights, pole lights, brackets, down lights and foot lights. Even though LED lightings are introduced, we are still using the same designs with bulbs and fluorescents which has strong lighting onto these materials. We would like to introduce to landscape design, a lighting that is ggentle to human.h A lighting that cuddles the exterior parks and promenades, that hugs people searching for care from the stresses.
LED is long life, has little heat emission, can produce various colors, and has stable efficiency in cold weather.
It is also resistant against vibrations, small and light, suitable for exterior lighting. We expect new lighting design that harmonize with the landscape.
Itsuko HASEGAWA, ArchitectiChair of Jury 2019 Architectural Lighting Design Competition)
Itsuko HASEGAWA, ArchitectiChair of Jury 2019 Architectural Lighitng Design Competition)
Hiroshi NAKAMURA, Architect(Hiroshi nakamura & NAP)
Tetsuya OKUSA, Architect(Senior Executive Officer, Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei Inc.)
Ryu KOSAKA, Creative director (Nomura Co., Ltd. Aoyama Nomura Design (A.N.D.))
Masanobu TAKEISHI, Lighting director (Illumination Of City Environment)
Shinji MAESHIBA, President of Daiko Electric Co., LTD.
-Online Entry 26 August 2019, Monday
*Entries can only be made online. A notification will be sent upon the case of a notification not being delivered ,please contact our office.
-Submission of work
The submission document must arrive by postal service at JIA competition office not later than Monday, 2nd September 2019. For application from outside Japan, a document sent by latest 31 August 2019 will be accepted if it arrives before first jury.
First Jury : Mid-September
The Japan Institute of Architects (Not open to the public)
The result will be notified in writing to the applicants by Friday 20th September 2019.
Second Jury : Thursday 17th October 2019
An open jury will be held among the selected applicatns of first jury.
Venue is at JIA national convention in Aomori Japan.
Travel expenses to the venue shall not be paid and must be borne by the applicant.
Award Ceremony : Thursday 17th October 2019 at JIA National Convention 2019 Aomori
*Transport expenses must be covered by applicants.
First Prize (a cash prize of JPY 3 00,000) will be awarded for one(1) piece of work.
Second Prize (a cash prize of JPY 2 00,000) will be awarded for one(1) piece of work.
Good Work Prize (a cash prize of JPY 5 0,000) will be awarded for five(5) pieces of work.
DAIKO Prize (a cash prize of JPY 1 00,000) will be awarded for one(1) piece of work.
Exhibition : Thursday 17th October 2019 to Friday 18th.
All application will be exhibited during JIA National Convention Aomori.
Hosting Organizations
The Japan Institute of Architects
Daiko Electric Co., LTD.
Architectural Institute of Japan
Japan Federation of Architects and Building Engineers associations
Japan Association of Architectural Firm
Shinkenchiku-sha Co., LTD.
The Kensetsutsushin Shimbun Corporation
The DenzaiRyutsu Shinbun-sya Co., LTD.
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