LED-Incorporated Lighting
Light of the future, light of hope
We extend our heartfelt condolences to the people affected by the 2011 Great Eastern Tohoku Earthquake. From that date forward, we have been able to reflect upon many things. In the midst of electricity blackouts, we were able to recall and consider the times which were lit. We repeatedly kept the importance and value of light in our hearts and minds.

The Architectural Lighting Design Competition has been upon us five times. This year, XXIV UIA World Congress: UIA Tokyo 2011, will be held. Thus, we are extending invitations for participation globally. The theme will be gLED-Incorporated Lightingh. As everyone is well aware, LED lighting is energy-efficient, and has a long lifespan which is expected to be a predominant source of lighting. We look forward to your ideas which will be considered with a view towards mass production. As a basis of the expression of freedom, please consider LEDs- the light of the future and light of hope.
Hiroshi Naito, Architect (Chair of jury)
Satoshi Uchihara, Lighting Designer
Mark Dytham, Architect
Yuko Nagayama, Architect
Shinji Maeshiba, President of Daiko Electric Co., LTD.
-Online Entry
8 August 2011, Monday
  *Entries can only be made online. A notification will be sent upon registration. In the case of a notification not being delivered, please contact our office.
-Submission of work
Not later than 10 August 2011, Wednesday
yFirst juryzMid-August The Japan Institute of Architects (Not open to the public)
ySecond juryz26 September 2011, Monday Tokyo International Forum
(Presentation; open to the public)
yAward Ceremonyz 26 September 2011, Monday Tokyo International Forum
  *Successful applicants of the first jury will be announced on 25 August, 2011 on the website.
*Transport expenses must be covered by applicants.
First Prize (a cash prize of JPY 500,000) will be awarded for one piece of work.
Second Prize (a cash prize of JPY 300,000) will be awarded for two pieces of work.
Good Work Prize (a cash prize of JPY 100,000) will be awarded for three pieces of work.
DAIKO Prize (a cash prize of JPY 200,000) will be awarded for one piece of work.

*7 works will be chosen in the first juryfs selection round.
The Japan Institute of Architects
Daiko Electric Co., LTD.
UIA2011 TOKYO Japan Organizing Board (JOB)
Architectural Institute of Japan
Japan Federation of Architects and Building Engineers associations
Japan Association of Architectural Firm
Shinkenchiku-sha Co., LTD.
The Kensetsutsushin Shimbun Corporation
Find out more at: http://www.jia.or.jp/

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